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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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done deal. there is new reaction this morning to a historic agreement with iran and whether it can build a nuclear weapon. we're tracking the next steps. >> i'm chuck bell. we're getting a break in the rain for now but there's a flood potential for later today and tonight. timing out the timing of the rain drops coming up. >> a water warning. with new information about where people are being told not to drink the water. >> plus going where no one else has been before. we're there as the u.s. takes a trip around the edge of the solar system. muse news 4 midday starts right now.
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>> at the live desk the u.s. has reached an historic nuclear deal with iran. it would end decades of economic sanctions with iran in exchange for sharp restrictions of the nuclear program. once the deal is verified the u.s. and other countries could get the economic sanctions as early as next year. this cops after 20 months of tense negotiations and several extensions. >> today because america negotiated from a position of strength and principle we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region. because of this deal, the international community will be able to verify that the islamic republican of iran will not develop a nuclear weapon. >> the president has signed off. now congress has to approve the deal. they have 60 days. it could be a hard deal.
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many lawmakers don't think the deal is tough enough. >> not everyone is happy about the historic deal with iran. right now reaction is pouring in from both sides from around the world, in fact we're going to bring you all of that throughout the hour here on news 4 midday. chuck, what's the weather like today? >> filtered sun shine right now. not much of a rain threat in the near term but there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and a potential for heavy rain starting late this afternoon going into evening hours tonight. flash flood watches posted for all of northern virginia. flood watches continue back across west virginia into parts of the ohio valley. radar now a couple of light showers drifting into southern parts of fading out. and clouds in the sky for now. flood watches up. there's the posting of them. fair fax arlington, montgomery
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prince george's. could get 1 to 2 inches of rain. more about this coming up. a mother and uncle are charged in the death of a maryland boy. a 26-year-old and 23-year-old faced second degree murder charges. the nine-year-old died after police say he was beaten after eating a piece of birthday cake without per in addition. they say his uncle handcuffed him to a chair and his mother's boyfriend beat him until he was unconscious. police say the mother turned away paramedics when they were first called to the home. she said the boy was congested. paramedics were called back four hours later. the boy died. this afternoon a 23-year-old man accused of plotting to attack college cafeterias is
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expected in court. he has a bail hearing at 3:30 thing. his father is a boston police captain. his father reported him to the fbi in the fall after learning he was plotting the attacks. investigators say the attack was unlikely because the young man was under constant surveillance. there you go. a lot of cheering and soon the scientists will be going through a lot of information about pluto. they're in charge of the mission to take pictures of the dwarf planet's surface. the spacecraft flew by this morning. the journey took nine years and 3 billion miles. nasa told us it was an historic moment when the spacecraft arrived. >> this is a moment for them to be proud. today the united states did something that no other nation has ever been able to do and that is that we have visited every single planet in our solar
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system. >> this is the latest image of pluto sent before that fly by. we'll see pictures from the actual event sometime around 9:00 tonight. it should be spectacular. >> looks beautiful. right now democratic candidate hillary clinton is on capitol hill. the former secretary of state walked in this morning. he's meeting with house and senate democratic lawmakers and she'll meet private with congressional with caucuses. this is her first formal visit to the hill since her announcement. d.c. mayor said today metro needs a new general manager. she'll meet with people today discussing the metro's financial problems and urgent safety issues. >> tough penalties in the
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district. both are banned on d.c. streets. about an hour ago a d.c. councilmen introduced a proposal to enforce penalties. this comes as police are looking for people of interest who were seen on dirt bikes in the shooting death of a reporter. surveillance video shows them riding off. they want to create a three-tiered penalty system for violators. violators in the past have gotten off without any penalties. >> a warning from d.c. water. avoid the water in soap stone creek because of a sewage spill. a dye test shows sewage was leaking from a pipe and getting into the creek. d.c. water is working to fix the problem and we'll let you know when the water is safe again. and a brand new park let is
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getting ready to make a debut. it's the first longer term park let's in the district. a ribbon ceremony is going to happen in about 20 minutes. it's a temporary park in public spaces normally used for spaces. this one is going to be around until october we understand. the next big memorial for the city gets a big boost and the timing could not have been better. plus one of the world's most wanted men taunting the police on social media.
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the drug king pen who just busted out of mexican prison has wasted no name trolling the authorities trying to hunt him down. take a look at this photo and you can see this is reportedly him himself in the cockpit of a plane. this is from a blog that is run
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by his son, and now they had better hope the pictures are not geo tagged or he could be easier to find. also speaking of high flying stunts this could be the first ever quad black flip on a bmx bike. i want to show you to you again in slow motion. this is from the nitrocircus tour. and justin bieber and the lip sync you never knew you wanted to see. ♪ >> the crowd loves the his version of big girls don't cry. this is on a lip sync battle show. we'll see if it gives him a win against his opponent, deion sanders.
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welcome back to news 4 midday. i'm storm team 4 chuck bell. flood watches are posted across all the metropolitan area starting this afternoon and going into late tonight. heavy rain is a real possibility between 6:00 tonight and 2:00 in the morning and once we start to dry out, things will start to heat up. not much on radar right now. temperatures are in the upper 70s and low 80s now. we'll climb into the upper 80s to near 90 today. i think most areas staying in the 80s because of the clouds and humidities. rain chances increase after about 7:00 tonight. >> we have some new information this morning about a proposed memorial in d.c. to honor president dwight d eisenhower. today taiwan announces they're giving money for the memorial. right now organizers are trying to figure out if they can raise
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$20 million in private do nations. the project has been in the planning stages for 15 years. it's probably something you don't want to think about right now. >> i don't want to think about it. >> back to school shops just around the corner. don't think about it. >> we are planning to spend more on school supplies this year. a new survey says 67% of us plan to spend more this year than last year. the survey says that's partly to blame on changing requirements at schools and most of us feel better about the economy an our personal finances. the problem is if you don't hurry up, it's gone before august. >> especially the lunchboxes that have the -- who is it? >> hello kitty. >> i thought it would be the new movie. >> the minions? ? yeah. >> new today on muse 4 midday recall.
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>> and a devastating line of storms.
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at the live desk, a second company is now being probed for air bag inflater malfunctions. the national highway traffic safety says they made air bag inflators in some
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older fiat and chrysler vehicles that could malfunction. another 70,000 kia apt ma sedans from 2004. the investigation began last week. the air bag maker is recalling 33.8 inflaters in the u.s. far similar problem. right now lawyers are asking a judge to release a man who is waiting for a retile of a murder. >> he is in superior court and we were in the courtroom. we are live with details. >> reporter: good morning. wearing an orange prison jump suit, he is watching and listening silently to the proceed gtsz. he was convicted of killing shawn dra lee vi but has been granted a new trial because of questions from a key witness who
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said he admitted to him that he killed the woman. the man was granted a new trial. the attorneys are asking that he be released while waiting for the new trial to begin. it's scheduled to happen in march. now, the prosecution is opposed to that request. they're presenting arguments and say they will use the testimony of the witness but they say they have other witnesses who will prove the guilt, three women who were talked in the park and reck nieds him from a photo. prosecutors say they believe he'll be guilty. the defense says the man's testimony is completely inaccurate and it should not be used and without the testimony no one knows what happened to
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shandra l shandra shandra a leva. no decision yet. >> crews are busily cleaning up from severe weather that hit parts of the midwest, strong winds and heavy rain batters parts of indiana. at one point more than 35,000 people lost power. crews are trying to get everyone back online this morning. you can see downed trees in the park. people in the area are bracing for another round of storms. a drone recorded this area. that large tornado on the ground in kansas. it happened last night. at least one home was damaged in the storm. there were several reports of downed trees and power lines. we're expecting a little rain but any severe storms? >> severe weather, especially that kind, not expected. the type of severe weather we're up against is the severe types of heavy rain and potentially gusty rain. i must say, that is some cool
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video out of kansas. yesterday the heat index reached 117 degrees not far from that. around here today, weather slow down. not too much during the course of the afternoon. late afternoon and early evening, could start to see the beginning of the rains. it's evening time frame tonight with red light conditions between 7:00 and 8:00 up to about midnight or 1:00. tomorrow morning dealing with heavy rain remnants. 5:00 today dry. rain showers arriving toward 7:00 tonight. >> the video this morning of four people police want to question in a left side. take a good look at these four people. the homicide took place on the fourth of july in southeast washington. if you recognize any of these people d.c. police would like to hear from you. maryland lawmakers are wants the president to call the unrest in baltimore a major disaster. if that happens the state will
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qualify for federal aid. fema ruled the protests and riots did not count as a major disaster. now lawmakers are appealing that ruling. maryland could receive millions in federal aid money if the president agrees. >> are you kids getting too much screen time? the best way to curb the amount of time your kids spend on your phone is to cut back yourself. they say young children often copy the behavior of their parents. the kids are more likely to be behaveing like their parents. set an example. this morning we're learning about a dog that was saved from a burning home. >> "the washington post" says this beagle mix and cat was pulled from a burning home along 78th avenue. no one else wassed in the home
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at the time. the cat was fine. blueberry was burned and suffered smoke inhalation but is expected to recover. >> how one retail company is firing back and it could mean savings for you.
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amazon fires back at walmart after the retail giant took a shot at the prime day by launching its own online sale on the same day wednesday. walmart criticized amazon for only offering deals to prime. but amazon is accusing walmart of charging customers more in the store than online. >> bringing heat this week as black friday comes early this year. target is holding a black friday sale this month. and best buy has a sale on
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electronics and appliances later this month on july 24th and 25th. >> ar yawn da gran day is off the hook now. police say the owner of a shop where she appeared to lick the donuts is not going to press charges after the video of the incident made it online, she made two public apologies. >> if you're looking far free lunch, put on a cow costume. go over to chick-fil-a for a meal in honor of cow appreciation day. they will hand out meals. you can jazz up a hat or a scarf or a purse with a few spots and you get a free onentree. >> what you should know about people taking
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welcome back. i'm chuck bell. we have the flood watch in place for the metropolitan area going into tonight. the severe weather threat is focussed west. there is a slight risk for some severe thunderstorms around our area but the primary threat we're facing is the heavy rain threat that begins about 8:00 this evening. heavy rain possible. the flood watch until 2:00 tomorrow morning. avoid high or fast moving water. the next couple of hours generally dry but cloudy and humid weather. temperatures climbing into the upper 80s and rain chances start to pick up after about 6:00. scam artists are trying to cash in on the pope's upcoming visit. someone is selling fake tickets to see the pope in the big
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apple. all tickets are free. if you want to see the pope while he's in washington your best bet is to head to the national mall. his speech will be broadcast on the national mall. right now we're working to find out whether donald trump's sign will be taken down at the old post office pavilion. they are questioning whether that sign has the proper permits. he sent a letter. and says the sign may be interpreted as a campaign sign. lawyers for the department hope to respond quickly to the question. >> the coast guard and others recovered several missing life guard stabds. someone moved the stands out to sea. each weighs about 500 pounds. the coast guard recovered some of the stands on monday. a second one was found and a
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boater brought in the final missing stand. the beach goers noticed them missing last week. they say it's someone pushed them out to the ocean as a prank. right now traffic headaches that could last for months and the wait is over for a book decades in the making.
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right now more rain on the way. we are l track when we'll dry
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out. >> we were waiting for a decade in the making to go where no other mission has gone before. what does nasa plan to do next now that it's made it to pluto? >> reporter: the u.s. east historic nuclear deal with iran could end decades of sanctions against iran. the house foreign affairs committee holding a hearing on the implications of this nuclear agreement. as you might imagine there's a lot of mixed reaction. >> each of you will have to decide whether to endorse or reject it. i personally, looking back at my 24 years of service in congress cannot think of a more consequential vote that each of you will cast in congress for the future security of the united states and, indeed, the security of the world. >> the white house says we are years away from judging the real success of this deal. the president has signed off.
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now congress has to approve it. they have 60 days. we can expect some lively congressional hearings coming up. welcome back. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. here's our future weather. this is the reason we're concerned for the potential for flooding flooding rainfalls to move in tonight. by 5:00 latest high resolution computer model starting to pick up on heavier showers and storms. the first wave between the metro between 6:00 and 7:00. a much stronger rain capable of heavier rain by 8:00. winchester down to la ray. by 9:30 that's to the western side of the metro and at about 10:30 that's when the heaviest rains reach downtown washington. there's a quick check of the 7-day forecast. 86 tomorrow. thursday and friday.
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hot by the weekend. right now brand new pictures of pluto are on the way to scientists in laurel. the new horizon spacecraft recorded a lot of information when it passed by at 7:50 a.m. this journey covered nine years and billions of miles and we want to break down how precise they had to be in this mission. now, what they had to do today is really get this green triangle right here. it took them hours to communicate with the spacecraft. it's basically like throwing a baseball across the solar system like a strike. that's how precise it is. the box is only 60 by 90 miles wide wide. if they missed, they said they would have lost amazing information. >> as we've gotten the late e images, we have received our greatest surprises.
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the color of the surface, the fact that the surface is red like mars and the relationship between the moon and the planet as they bob and weave with each other. >> this is the latest image of pluto sent before the fly by. we'll learn more about the atmosphere, surface and the moons sometime around 9:00. looking forward to it. should be amazing. >> exciting. >> the expect of defense has six months to implement the new rule allowing transgender people to serve in the military. ash carter announced the change last night. it was one of the military's last barriers based on someone's gender or sexual identity. the pentagon the any minute now the trial will start for james holmes. he killed 12 people and hurt 70 others in a shooting three years ago. his attorneys have one last
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chance to convince jurors he was going through a psychotic episode. they say he planned and carried out the attack. if convicted he could face the death penalty. right now a man is preparing for a detention hearing and expected in federal court this morning. the suspect's own father, a boston police captain tipped off the fbi. >> reporter: 23-year-old man is charged with receiving a cache of weapons from an undercover federal agent in planning an attack. we have learned his father turned his estranged son from the fbi last fall after learning about his plans. >> it's a success for authorities. they have been vigilant but i don't believe that the threat has subsided. i believe it to remain steady
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and they should remain vigilant. >> reporter: late monday his family issued a statement saying they were saddened and disappointed to learn of his entrengs intentions. he was under constant surveillance making an attack unlikely. still the government considers him a dangerous man. according to court documents, he was monitored buying a pressure cooker like the one used in the boston marathon bombings which he intended to fill with nails glass and rocks and attack college cafeterias. it describes how he wanted to execute students live on the internet that. they found partially built moll tauf cocktails in his apartment. >> when we hear something like that, it's a big shocker, it is to hear bombs being made. it's right across the street from my house. >> reporter: a police source says he suffered from mental
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illness. he stabbed a nurse in the head while being examined after his fourth of july arrest. today president obama travels to philadelphia to talk to the naacp convention. he is expected to talk about criminal justice reform. it was part of his recent eulogy in south carolina. a traffic alert this morning, major lane closures in d.c. for months to come. the closures are part of the effort to extend the third street tunnel and make room for the capital crossing development. the lanes will be open from 5:00 to 11:00 and 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the north direction. and noon to 11:00 in the southbound direction. at all other times 395 will be put kut to one lane in each direction. it's through january of next year the wait is over. you can buy harper lee's second
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book. she's the author of to kill a mocking bird. the new book is called go set a watchman. lee wrote the book years before to kill a mocking bird. you may be in more a shock about the new details about her father. as for the author, she is expected to spend the day at her assisted living center. her hometown is celebrating all day today. >> to kill a mocking bird might be one of my favorite books. it's hard because people have ideas about what they want and apparently the revelations are serious. >> i was someone who read it overnight because it was just released last night and i was impressed with it and said you have to look at at disin his development. get your instagram ready.
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pet photos are trending this morning and the reason is a really funny one. >> pets meeting politics.
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donald trump's comments on the headlines. on the internet his hairline is the headline. the instagram trump your cat, and there are instructions for this. you brush your cat and form the cat hair into a toupee of sorts and put it back on your cat and that's what folks are doing on the internet right now. so have fun with it if you choose. >> all eyes are going to be on the espys tomorrow night. there's a great write up about the award coming up ahead. we should also note that si reports that caitlyn jenner will be given the arthur ash courage award. it's a decision that some say has a lot more to do with ratings than anything else. they say it hopes it changes
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lives. people all over the world are tweeting right now their thank yous for the social media snap chat. one user says snap chat gave the rest of the world a window into the center of the muslim world. it's an incredible photo there. >> thank you aaron. this just in. apparently this little guy made a break from the national zoo. there he is. he escaped his outdoor enclosure just after 7:00 last night. zoo officials say he chewed through the mesh. he didn't get very far. staff members were able to safely grab him from about 30 minutes after he. looks just like a squirrel. >> remember the red panda escaped and was roaming around and now this one. you have to be careful. we're glad he's okay. >> cute little thing. >> it's something a lot of us thought we'd never see. >> two of the biggest boy bands
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of all time joining forces.
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i'm chuck bell. this is the long satellite loop of all the incredible amounts of rain that hit parts of the ohio valley wave after wave of severe weather and parts of southern kentucky and southern ohio. for us not much on radar other than a few sprinkles but flood watches are posted. we'll top off in the mid to upper 80s today. rain intensity increasing after 7:00 this evening. >> one time rival 90s boy bands are joining forces and you're going to sing a little for us. >> members of the back street boys and insync will star in a
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zombie movie together at comic con over the weekend it was announced. aj mcclain howie d and joey fa tone have all signed on. we're going to have to wait an entire year to make sure it's funded. >> you think it's going to be a musical? >> that would be start. >> it would be. >> who knows what this will be. >> looking for something for lunch? we might
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new developments on the historic nuclear deal with iran. president obama says the agreement ensures iran will not develop a nuclear weapon. there has been some sharp criticism from lawmakers and our allies as well. we withare joined with more on what it will take to get it through congress. >> reporter: president obama defended the deal saying the sanctions would snap back in place with iran violates any part. president obama says a deal with iran over nuclear weapons skrout weighs the alternative. >> why we are taking this step because an iran armed with a nuclear weapon is far more dangerous to our frentds and to
11:47 am
the world. >> reporter: the u.s. worked with five other super powers to come to an agreement to exchange for lifting crippling economic sanctions. the nation is still on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. >> this deal is not built on trust. it is built on verification. >> reporter: critics in congress along with leader of saudi arabia waistedtasted no time condemning the deal. >> this is the most dangerous step i've seen in the history of watching the middle east. >> this does not guarantee that iran are l not achieve a nuclear weapon in the future. >> reporter: the president says he will veto any bill that blocks it. critics say it gives enough money to destabilize the region. >> this cash no bonanza will
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fuel the aggression in the region. >> reporter: they need the president to sign off. and the president warned congress that right now iran has enough enriched uranium to create 10 nuclear bombs. under this deal, 98% of it would be given back to partners in the deal. >> people are middlessing following heavy rain in kentucky. fast moving water swept cars away. strong winds and knocked down trees and power lines. more than 20 people are without power right now. at least 40 homes are damaged in johnson county. the rising waters pushed mobile hopes off their foundations as well. hot at we are tracking a chance for more storms. a little quiet for the remainder of the afternoon hours but a little bit more unstable around here after about 4:00
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this morning. here's the timing of it. by 5:00 first line of thundershowers to the west of the metro. the first line between 6:00 and 7:00 but the stronger line starts at the blue ridge about 8:00 tonight and should be reaching the metro between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. it will be worth watching carefully. could drop 1 to 2 inches of rain quickly. some potential for some very gusty winds and that could take trees down because they can't hang that much against the wind and the saturated soil. >> right now a massive man hunt underway for the drug lord known for digging tunnels and who used a tunnel to escape from prison. these tunnels are a huge part of the cross boarder drug trade. we are going underground for an inside look. >> reporter: they are the hidden
11:50 am
secrets of the drug war but the underground tunnel that allowed him to escape has become a familiar sight to frar agents. smugglers go underneath the boarder using railway systems to sneak drugs and cash into the u.s. this man spent 28 years as a u.s. customs agent and watched the rise of the tunnels rise. >> when they build a tunnel and it's not detected, they actually have the freedom to probably run several thousand pounds of cocaine or marijuana through it nightly. >> reporter: since 1990 at least 169 tunnels have been discovered along the southern border. the longest in the area stretched from a house in mexico 75 feet to the border then another 411 feet to a house in arizona. the latest discovery at this
11:51 am
home where authorities say smugglers tried a different approach. >> the border is just down that road? >> that's right. >> reporter: tunnelling into an international suer line which they were using to funnel drugs. >> it wasn't just shovels and a wheelbarrow. >> reporter: but something went wrong spilling sewage. the homeowner said he had no clue what his tenants were up to. >> he's not going to be the last one. if you're looking for a hot lunch spot for charity, which i poeltly chipotle is having a fundraiser. 50% of all the proceeds will be donated to the d.c. public libraries. good deal. men here in washington are quite the lookers. how guys in washington stack up in the looks department against other cities.
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jimmy fallon is back on the tonight show after he nearly lost one of his fingers. he tripped on rug in his home and nearly severed his left ring finger. >> i'm your host jimmy fallon. i am so happy to be back after our two week break. i went around the office giving everyone a high four. it was really exciting. >> fallen says he originally thought he broke his finger but he quickly learned it was much worse than that. doctors took six hours to save his finger. you can watch him tonight on nbc 4 after news 4 at 11:00. d.c. men among some of the most handsome men in america. the district ranks third out of 25 cities. seattle and san francisco took the top two spots.
11:54 am
the study took into accounts spending on personal care and prulkts and clothing and compare that to the fittest cities in the country. we're fit here in washington. apparently last year men here spent on average more than $10,000 to look good. >> wow. >> we probably spend $10,000 too, right? >> i'm sure we must. but it's nice to think of them being naturally attractive. >> taylor swift fever takes over the nation's capital. >> what you need know.
11:55 am
you will have one more chance to catch taylor swift. her show is at 7:00 tonight. ♪ >> id rainedt rained a little early and she played to a sold out crowd. there was a bit of technical
11:56 am
difficulty when the extendable stage stops extending. she was a pro and worked through it. there are still tickets available. they go for $180 to $1,000 a seat. you will be able to catch metro home after the concert. the last trains to green belt depart at 12:49. all connections for the blue, orange, and silver lines are made at the plaza. >> she has 60 million twitter followers. next 7 days look this way. 88 today with rain and hot by the weekend. >> that does it for news 4 midday. thank you for joining us. thank you for being with > breaking
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news a new study said feeding babies with peanuts may prevent allergies. a pediatrician in michigan will not treat a baby. and the next thing with plastic surgery. >> pedititions are urging them to use iud. >> and we are going inside to look at the america's addiction to pain pills. (applause) >> meredith: hi everybody and welcome. we are taking on the hottest health issues everybody is welcoming about. please welcome dr. a var. and dr. lauren striker joining us. and health integrated expert. dr. ta z. welcome. >> and a lot to get. to starting with instagram.


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